Mature readers - high risk of nudity, sexual themes, and/or violence

Text by "Red" creator Nick "Pumpmonger" Larrabee

Art by Mikazuki

If the text in the image is hard to read, here it is:

RED - Cursed Warrior, Champion of the Weak

6 foot 2 inches, 235 pounds, 22 years in body, unknown years in soul

Taken at an early age by Norse raiders and given the name "Red" for her flame color hair, she knows nothing of her origins or blood family. She was raised as a slave until she was adopted after a noble and glorious deed. Strong and tall, even at an early age, she was trained as a warrior and joined her adopted father and brothers on their raids into rival lands.

Life was good until she caught the eye of the headman's son who tried to force himself on her, Several boken bones later, he learned the error of her ways but vowed revenge. False charges were made against Red and she was condemned to death. Her adopted father rescued her and advised her to leave the land and never return. Before she left, though, he took her to see the Wise Women to have her future read. Instead of her future, Red received a terrible curse:

Flame hair warrior, listen well:
Your brave heart never protect, or your family destroyed will be.
Evil you must battle no matter the strength or odds,
And ne'er shall you rest as long as Evil threatens the world.

Red took this curse bravely enough, deciding to become an adventurer. She never covers her chest for fear of the curse, and defends the good and innocent from evil no matter where she finds it. Having died many times over the years, her body vanishes when not watched. She wakes in Hell to face the horrors of demons and the revenge of her defeated and fallen foes. Each time, she must suffer tortures and and battle her way free, returning to the world to fight on - each success making her return that much more difficult.

Red created by and © Pumpmonger