Mature readers - high risk of nudity, sexual themes, and/or violence

Perils of Red: Spike Trap

by David C. Matthews

Artist's comments: Two huge wooden spools stood, one on either side of the platform. An axle through the center of each spool allowed them to be turned by teams of strong, sturdy men -ten per spool - pushing against poles sticking out of the sides. Pegs on top of the spool pushed against complementary pegs on another spool, acting as gears. As the slaves pushed against the main spools, the secondary spools would wind stout ropes, passing through pulleys and fastened to two large slabs of heavy stone set upon the platform, hinged at the bottoms. The walls were festooned with metal spikes, crudely fashioned but deadly sharp. The tightening ropes would pull the hinged slabs upright, impaling anyone trapped between them.

This spike trap was the favored execution method of the wicked Queen Zagorja, who delighted in watching the gruesome spectacle in person. Usually, the unfortunate victim was a soldier derelict in his duties, or a rebel agitating for her overthrow. But today, the condemned was a most unusual personage: the warrior woman known only as "Red the paladin".

This scene, created as a birthday gift for Red's creator Pumpmonger, was shamelessly ripped off from inspired by a similar scene from the 1964 Italian movie Maciste e la regina de Samar ("Maciste and the Queen of Samar", released in the US under the title Hercules Against the Moon Men). Drawing this scene inspired me to create an entire comic inspired by that movie.

(The stone wall in the background is courtesy of OddGoo-Stock and can be found here)

Pumpmonger's comments (from this illustration's DeviantArt page): "Stunningly beautiful in her peril. Red was meant for sand and sandal perils and challenges!!!! ...I cannot tell you how much I love the scene and your clear love for Red."

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Artwork © David C. Matthews

Red the Paladin created by and © Pumpmonger