Mature readers - high risk of nudity, sexual themes, and/or violence

Bolt and Moonlight

by Rich Larson

The warrior woman Bolt is Red's boon companion, with whom she's shared many hair-raising and death-defying adventures.

The mace Bolt holds is known as Moonlight. It... or rather, she... is sentient, possessing her own personality. Like Thor's hammer Mjolnir, only those Moonlight deems worthy may hold her; anyone else attempting to do so receives a nasty shock.

Her customary form is that of a battle mace, but Moonlight is also capable of transforming into a sword with a brilliant blue blade. And on nights when the moon is full, she assumes the form of a human woman, slender, blue-skinned and full-breasted.

Although bound by loyalty to Bolt, her love is for Red the paladin, whom she calls "Beloved".

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Red the Paladin created by and © Pumpmonger